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VCE & ATAR Results 2023

A Message from the Principal

The congratulations of all in the Ӱɴý community go to the young men of the Class of 2023 for such outstanding VCE and ATAR results.

The Class of 2023 concluded their schooling days with style and maturity. Academically, they have now produced a set of results that demonstrate qualities such as perseverance, hard work, determination, and great scholarship. In addition to their efforts on the sporting field, in music, drama or participating in any number of other events and activities, the Class of 2023 have made a significant contribution to their school and the Ӱɴý Family.

As a genuinely non-selective school, these results reflect a truly remarkable culture of learning at Ӱɴý. As principal, I am thankful for the professionalism of our teaching and support and operational staff. Thank you for your ethic of care and excellence that you have demonstrated in supporting all boys throughout their final school years.

As the dust settles on today and the many wonderful stories of academic success have been told, always remember that who you are as men, as sons, brothers, and friends, will always ultimately be your measure of true success. With these results behind you, strive to be men of good character who do good in our world.

Congratulations and God bless.

Dr Scott Marsh

2023 VCE and ATAR Results

Congratulations to the class of 2023 for an outstanding set of VCE and ATAR results.

  • Five boys; Ronan Ahl, Jordan Chi, Justin Nguyen, Henry Rogers and Edward Song, received an ATAR of 99.95, and are, therefore, the duces of Ӱɴý College for 2023
  • 6 boys (2.6% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 99.90 or more (top 0.1% in the population)
  • 21 boys (9.2% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 99.50 or more (top 0.5% in the population)
  • 27 boys (11.8% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 99 or more (top 1% in the population)
  • 41 boys (17.9% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 98 or more (top 2% in the population)
  • 70 boys (30.6% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 95 or more (top 5% in the population)
  • 112 boys (48.9% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 90 or more (top 10% in the population)
  • 163 boys (71.2% of the cohort) obtained an ATAR of 80 or more (top 20% in the population)
  • The median ATAR was 89.85
  • Early measures of ‘value add’, comparing ability testing data from earlier years and ATAR scores, indicate a strong performance from this cohort

Other results include:

  • There were 21 ‘perfect’ study scores of 50 across ten VCE subjects
  • Twelve Year 12 boys obtained study scores of 50, including: Ronan Ahl (Chemistry), Jordan Chi (Specialist Mathematics, Latin), Thomas Gallacher (English Language), Edward Karunaratne (Systems Engineering), Jay Landau (English), Zichen Liang (English as an Additional Language), Dhanika Nanayakkara (Accounting), Justin Nguyen (English),Henry Rogers (English, Literature), Ruicheng Wang (English).
  • Nine Year 11 boys obtained study scores of 50 including Jiamu Li (Mathematical Methods), Christopher Lim (Mathematical Methods), Adrian Lin (Mathematical Methods), Alexander Lumsden (Mathematical Methods), Marcus Peter (Mathematical Methods), Zhengcheng Tang (Mathematical Methods), Matthew Wan (Mathematical Methods), Edward Wang (Mathematical Methods).

* Note: the population referred to in the ATAR statistics above is the population of the State-wide Year 7 cohort from 2018, including those students who moved or left school before Year 12.